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About Cornilia’s

“I am a designer and scenographer who works internationally in Theater, Film, Music and Festivals, where I try to bring the concept and vision of the performing artist to the best visual translation with designs for space, stage, body and performance.

As a designer I work with bands to create and conserve the atmosphere on a visual based level. For this I always interact with band to learn more about the theatrical values and their creative work-progress. I combine my research about symbolism, alter ego’s and performance with my skills as a designer to conserve or create the atmosphere they want. A lot of my inspiration comes from nature, old lore and history.

I grew up in a family with a legacy of artists and stage performers, which gave the unique ability to translate between these two fields. That’s why I decided in 2014 to start my study in theater design at the HKU, university of the arts utrecht, because I couldn’t stop creating atmospheric scenes, costumes and fantasy worlds. In 2016 when I was in my bachelors degree for Theater Design I worked with and coached the Conservatorium students there to search for their personal identities as a performer. The combination of design, performance, art really drew me to choose this path. My path took me into the world of heavy metal bands, in particular their image, alter ego’s and performance, which became the focus of my Bachelor’s research.

As a scenographer I feel it is my task to take the idea and concept the performing artist has in mind and translate this to visual form, while maintaining true to the integrity of their idea. In 2017 I had the chance to do an exchange program with Aalto university school of Arts, Design and Architecture, and through that gained experience and a lot of material and research for my focus on heavy metal, in particular black metal, and their image and alter egos. I have since consulted for many acts in this genre and others, and interviewed many more as my research and understanding into this highly stylized world continues ever deeper.  – Nina Cornelia Schilp

To see some examples of my design work please take a look at the ‘Portfolio’ page.

If you are interested in collaborating with me or would like to discuss working together in the future, please contact me.



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