Alter ego Project Musician 3.0 – HKU Utrechts Conservatorium

Januari 2016, I joined the start of a new project about Alter egos, with several musicians from the conservatory in Utrecht. I coached the students with their search for their Alter ego, and helped them with visualizing that.  

This was for me an interesting process because I normally work with Actors who can go in and out their comfort zone quite easily. For me as a theatre designer, It’s always important to know if a musician has an alter ego on stage, and it’s needed for me that I meet this alter ego as well. For me this is the same as when i read a script and get to know the characters. Of Course It varies per artist how strong an alter ego differs from the person he or she is off-stage.

Students who participated:
Gabriel Harmsen (Tudor – Qasidah), Hans Vermunt, Levi Oostermeijer (Klöb), Jasmin Dias Godoy Maia (Lola), Jamiro den Enting (Hollis Creek), Renske Velthuis (Wu Wei), Roosmarijn Tuenter (Criatura), Lucas Kloosterboer (Abel), Geonne Hartman (Aran – Senza), Cedric Vermue (Mickey), Corine Borsje (Sanfugel)

This project triggered myself to start with a more overall research about Alter ego and Image in the music scene, with the focus on the Metal Music.





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