De wieggewindsels van het zonnekind

De Wieggewindsels van het zonnekind / The cradle wings of the sunchild,  is a site specific performance made for “De Worteldagen” festival 2016.

“De Worteldagen”is a small scale visual theater festival in Norg during the beginning of spring. Participants of the festival are assigned a location in the village and get two weeks to prepare a performance.

The Location for this performance was a horse pasture with an old shed, hundreds of dandelions and a dead tree. In the two festival weeks, I became inspired by this dead tree and the blossoming of the flowers. This tree was outstanding between all those spring life and collars. What is the story of this tree? What kind of tree is this? After days of sorting out and a lot of singing around the tree he began to slowly sprout some buds and leaves.

The performance tells the audience the story of this dead tree, inspired by the poem Mei, written by Herman Gorter. May, the girl who falls in love with the ancient god Balder.
In the performance the tree tells the story of this love, and you see the girl May dancing around the tree where balder in hiding. May brings him, her spring joy through which he is resurrected from the dead.

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