Image & Alter Ego – Metal & Theatre : Personal Ego

Research: Image & Alter Ego – Metal & Theatre

Unknowingly, the Black Metal scene live performances embodies, through their use of corpse paint and other visual artifacts,  a visual representation of the concept of Jungian shadow.

I made that connection and the few artist who were willing to listen admitted it(that) was clearly the case. Indeed; how else to explain their stage persona, who clearly are a visual representation of the Jungian concept of “casting your own psychological projection”, the “shadow”. (once, and carefuly, when i suggested that

(realizing) Knowing this connection and being heavily influenced by the philosophical concept and the extremity of this form of music, (all this inspired me to do this research) how did this affect me in my own theater research? Did it affect my own individuality, my persona ?(it matched the extremity form of music, fittet the concept of the persona reality) (how to transfer this to a personal, female version?)

And ultimately, how did my own body specific could be applied to that process. Is my uniqueness, those white mark, a mark of my shadow, and as it spreads, is it taking over?


Photo installation


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