Mariken van Nieumeghen

My graduation work  “Mariken van Nieumeghen”

Working title: Emmeken De Heks Van Nieumeghen

In my interpretation I started looking for another layer in it
existing story from a historical point of view. in combination with the
film version of Mariken by Jos Stelling (1974). The one with a raw, almost
documentary filmed sketch of the Middle Ages the story of Mariken
has recorded. Where in my version with reference to the
Middle Ages remains timeless. Just like in the film, the piece is rooted in one
rather chaotic collection of scenes showing the atmosphere of
darkness, fear, lust and unrestrainedness is convincingly represented.

The journey of discovery of a young woman and her seductive
attraction, and possession of knowledge, power and fame. In my
version of the piece the audience will constantly wonder who seduces who,
the devil named Moenen, Mariken for beauty or Mariken who
may tempted for knowledge and power. The question is who is possessed by whom?
In addition, mariken is her uncle a character who comes back a few times
as an accompaniment to mariken and her thoughts.

In flashbacks with her uncle, Mariken looks back on how everything is
expired and how it has come this far. This is how the piece starts with saying goodbye
from her uncle to go to Nijmegen to her aunt. In the woods
she comes across music-making Moenen. Arrived in the city it appears that her
aunt has hung herself. She ends up in an inn where Moenen
get her to go with him. He dresses her in a stolen
dress, sleep with her and use her tender beauty to wear people
and against each other. He causes where Moenen appears
dehumanization and inhumanity and Mariken is thereby his henchman.
But as far as the piece goes, see the roles change where Mariken hand
gets over Moenen, this creates a battle game between Moenen and
Mariken. The Uncle has an important role in the play as a key figure, he is the
the one who stays in contact with Mariken and also becomes the relationship between the uncle
and Mariken clearer as the end. Where it becomes clear that this is one
together play is from a Necromantier and a Witch, or perhaps Lucifer and
Lillth the first wife of Adam.

Inspiration & symbolism

The garden of eden the story of Adam, lillith and eva. The paintings of
Hieronymus Bosch & Brueghel, and a lot of Dutch history and folklore
such as devil skill, witchcraft, satanism, feminism, narcissism. In addition, the
Philosophy by Carl Nietzsche, The Free 70s with David Bowie and his
various characters and works by, among others, photographer Tim Walker, Fashion
designer Alexander Mcqueen.


Nina Cornelia Schilp : Director & Designer

Roderik Patijn : Cinematographer

Ruben Terlouw : Photographer

Sven Ponthofer: MUA, set assistence

Monique Janssen: Production assistence

Lionel Davies: Technical drawer

Emma Staals: Video editor

Ruud van der Peijl: role Uncle

Pleun Verhees: role Mariken

Tom de Bruijn: role Moenen

Mariken van Nieumeghen informatie (creatief draaiboek pdf)


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