Mourning process project – Dutch Death Metal scene

Mourning process project

In this project I was interested in the relation between mourning process and death metal. How bands handle this, while they are working with subjects which are considered taboo’s and a lot of death in general.

For this I narrowed down to the dutch Death metal scene. I interviewed a lot of dutch death metal bands. The visits to meet the bands resulted in a dynamic discussion between band members who got to talk about personal emotions they usually do not talk about in the band. This somewhat gave me a new role as not only the curious student but also a moderator for a personal and an emotional discussion.

Based on my interviews I designed several formats where band members could meet, jam and eat and do some ‘’band-building’’. The purpose of this was that I found that in the Dutch Death metal scene artists tend to keep their personal feelings and their creativity separated.

The result for me personally was that I starting thinking and experimenting with alter-ego’s, which would later become a main focus for me.   

Bands who has been participated for this project: Abrupt Demise, Anarchos, Anatomy Of I, Antropomorphia, Bleeding Gods, Body Farm, Braincasket, Carach Angren, Carceri, Centurian, Ecocide, Entrapment, Funeral Whore, God Dethroned, Hail Of Bullets, Impalement, Legion Of The Damned, Massive Assault, Nailgun Massacre, Polluted Inheritance, Purest Of Pain, Rotten Casket, Sepiroth, Severe Torture, Sinister, The Monolith Deathcult, Violent Demise, Warmaster


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